School Policies cover every aspect of school life. Below are some of our most important policies for your reference. If you want to know our policy on something that is not listed, please ask the school office.

Policies / Documents List

Policy NameDate
Admissions Policy2022-23View
Admissions Policy2023-24View
Admissions Policy2024-25View
Allergy Policy2022View
Anti-bullying Policy2022View
Behaviour Policy2022View
BWCET Employee Code of Conduct2022View
BWCET GDPR Policy2022View
BWCET GDPR Privacy Notice – Pupil2022View
BWCET GDPR Privacy Notice – Staff2022View
BWCET Health and Safety Policy2022View
BWCET Low Level Concern Policy2022View
BWCET Whistleblowing Policy2022View
Charging and Remissions Policy2023View
Collective Worship Policy2022View
Complaints Policy2022-23View
Equalities Policy2023View
First Aid Policy2022View
Remote Education Policy2023View
RSE Policy2022View
Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy2022View
School Attendance Policy2022View
SEN Policy2022View
SEND Information Report2022View
RE Policy2022View
School Uniform Policy2022View

Trust Policies

For additional trust wide policies such as annual reports and accounts, trustees’ information and duties, and complaints, please visit the BWCET website.

Walkwise – Year 1

This term year 1 have completed their walkwise programme. They have been learning how to keep themselves safe when they are out and about and how to safely cross roads. They talked about the people who keep us safe in our community and even got the chance to dress up as Police Officers and Lollipop […]

Football Team Success

The school Football team have been playing fantastically this year in both league and cup matches. After half term, the league will continue and our team will surely continue to work together to keep scoring goals! 

Community Litter Picking


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