Staff List

View a list of our dedicated staff.

Staff List

Mrs D Cushlow  Executive Headteacher/ DSL
Mrs R Anderson  Deputy Headteacher/ R.E. Lead/ DDSL 
Mrs F Lawton  Senior Lead / P.E Lead 
Miss B Cutter  Teacher 
Mrs J Johnson  Teacher/ DDSL 
Miss S Hutchinson Teacher  
Mrs S Kelly Teacher/ SENDCo  
Mrs C Hampson Teacher  
Miss R Mulligan Teacher  
Miss H Oates Teacher  
Mrs L Hughes Teacher  
Mrs J Kelly  Teacher 
Mrs D Hill HLTA  
Ms. L Burgess HLTA  
Mrs S O’Leary Teaching Assistant  
Mrs J Tate Teaching Assistant  
Mrs N Jacklin Teaching Assistant  
Mrs G Sant Teaching Assistant  
Mrs T Ward Teaching Assistant/Pastoral Co-ordinator  
Mrs H Wallace Business Manager  
Mrs C Casey Administrator  
Mr J Davison Site Supervisor  
Mr D Robinson Catering Supervisor  
Mrs V Howells Kitchen Assistant  
Mr S Craik  Kitchen Assistant 
Mrs J Gribben Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs J Murphy Lunchtime Supervisor  
Mrs A Grant  Lunchtime Supervisor 
Miss S Crosby  Lunchtime Supervisor 

Walkwise – Year 1

This term year 1 have completed their walkwise programme. They have been learning how to keep themselves safe when they are out and about and how to safely cross roads. They talked about the people who keep us safe in our community and even got the chance to dress up as Police Officers and Lollipop […]

Football Team Success

The school Football team have been playing fantastically this year in both league and cup matches. After half term, the league will continue and our team will surely continue to work together to keep scoring goals! 

Community Litter Picking


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