St. Robert's

On Wednesday 23rd November, we visited St. Robert's school as part of our transition. The session was a biology lesson about extracting DNA from a banana and we were so excited! First of all we learnt about the health and safety in a lab then we turned into scientists! We used a range of equipment including test tubs, beakers and even ethanol to help us extract the DNA. When it came to concluding and looking at our results we were amazed to see that a cloudy layer had formed at the top of the liquid and this was DNA! Here are some photographs of us being super scientists!  


For our next session, we visited St. Robert's to take part in a murder mystery chemistry experiement: Who Killed Paddington Bear? We needed to look at blood splatter patterns, fingerprint evidence, witness statements and what chemical was found at the scene. We used a bunsen burner and different solutions to find out who the criminal was! Here are some photographs of us.