Forest School

In October, Year 5 had a visit to the forest school.  Have a look and read about what we got up to!


At Forest school we:

Went inside to get our wellies, then when we came out we saw lady called June. After five minutes we had to put a kit on. It included:

  1. Salopettes, which are hiking trousers with a stretchy rope on them
  2. Wellies
  3. A water proof coat

After all of that we walked across the yard and we were told very important instructions like:

  1. 1 2   3 I see you, then we would shout

1  2   3 I am here.

  1. Don’t be nasty or push someone.

After being told the instructions of our job we started to build a Tepee which is an Indian tent. We needed to build it with only:

  1. tarpaulin which is a waterproof sheet
  2. wood which is built into a 3D triangle shape
  3. rope (thin blue and thick brown).

We got set off and went to an amazing time. After that we built one but with a larger one. When we had finished all of that fun, we briskly walked to the other side of the field and made little people houses.

Eventually all the fun was over and done with.

Fun facts:

Tarpaulin’s are expensive!

We found amazing things, even a toy Gummy bear!

Written by Olivia Groark.