Prince, Peasants and Pestilence

Flee your fields, close your doors and pull up the draw bridge: the dreaded and deathly 'great pestilence' is here!



We have started our topic by learning about The Black Death, we have written newspaper articles about the deadly disease invading Europe! We have learn how it spread into England and why the infection rate was so high.  We conducted our own experiment to test how bacteria grows using petri-dishes, we swabbed different areas of our classroom and looked at our dishes every day to watch the bacteria grow! Here are some photographs. 

Although we already know that the doctors in the Middle Ages tried a range of ineffective cures to stop the Black Death (like tying a shaved chicken to their buboes and putting flowers around the house because they thought it was caused by bad smells), we were curious about what medicines were used to help the pain, swelling, spasms and lung problems caused by this great plague. We found out that doctors turned to a dried, crushed flowers! We researched the medical properties of each of these flowers and how they worked, we then created our own medicine to treat the Black Death. When researching we noticed that some of these flowers are used in modern medicine!