Chinese New Year

This year is the year of the rooster. We have celebrated this special event by making Chinese decorations, practising Chinese writing and numbers, tasting Chinese food, dancing a special lion dance and travelling in our rickshaw outdoors. It has been a wonderful celebration of different cultures.  


Delicious Chinese food

The children tasted a variety of Chinese foods and even tried using the chopsticks. Noodles and crackers were their favourites. 

The Lion dance

The children made a Chinese dancing lion and danced outdoors to some great music. It had a great rhythm and the children were able to move in time, creating their own dance. We even practised our dance during a PE lesson. 

Our Rickshaw

Being able to take turns and move around the outdoor area safely is an important skill for reception children to master. This activity encouraged the children to turn take, negotiate, solve problems, travel safely and develop good moving and handling skills. It was also great fun.