Our Outdoor Environment




We are very lucky because we have our very own nursery garden as well as our huge school field, which is surrounded by trees and is just beside Glebe Park.

We went on an 'Autumn Walk' to find out what had happened to the green leaves from the trees.

We discovered that lots of them had changed colour and had fallen off the trees!

It was fun collecting all the different colours to take back into nursery.






One morning when we came into nursery it was very cold and frosty so we went out into the nursery garden to see how it had changed.

We noticed that the water had changed into ice! 

It was time to set up our bird feeding station to make sure the birds had water to drink and food to eat.

The bird feeding station is just outside our nursery window so we can watch the birds feeding there. One day we noticed a cheeky squirrel sharing the food.

We are beginning to tidy the garden ready for Spring.