Mission 2017

Year 5 were very proud to take the lead of St Joseph’s mission day in school, in preparing a liturgy attended by the school, parents, members of the parish and people from the diocese.


Preparation started a week beforehand, during St Roberts’ mission, when Hannah brought some Year 9 volunteers to do some work with us on how we can show Gods unbroken love. Each group created a short drama to show how they can show God’s unbroken love in everyday life. 

Then on Monday, the first day of mission week, More Than Dance came in to teach us a liturgical dance to the song ‘Only in You’.


Finally, on Wednesday we spent the whole day with Hannah, preparing for our liturgy. This included learning a new song, practising our dramas, writing prayers and dance practice!



We had a lovely liturgy to show how we can spread God's unbroken love. Thank you to all parents  who came along.