Welcome to Year 6

Welcome to our Year 6 webpage. On this webpage you'll be able to read all about what we get up to all year and see photographs of things we're very proud of.

This year we all moved up together to Year 6 with Mrs.Black and Mrs.Matters. Mr.Lawless even came with us and teaches us Numeracy each Thursday morning.


Autumn Term

We hit the ground running in Year 6 and kicked off the year with a Victorian themed week. We learned all about Queen Victoria and how hard life was for many poor children. We researched all about children who worked in many industries, including down the mine and in factories. Through a visit to Beamish Museum in Durham we learned first hand what life was like in a Victorian schoolroom. Although we all agreed Miss.Pew was not as mean as she could have been. Some children showed true skill at playing with metal hoops in the school yard.We even went down the mine to see how cold, small and dirty it was for the children who worked there. A great trip was topped off with a trip to the old-fashioned sweet shop for sherbet dib-dabs and cinder toffee.

World Animal Day

On Tuesday 4th October it was World Animal Day. Our whole school celebrated this special day by doing lots of animal themed activities. Year 6 was extra special as we created a TV programme called 'Widlife TV'. We worked in pairs to research an UK mammal such as the watervole, squirrel, deer and bats. We wrote scripts to introduce our animal and recorded these using a dictaphone. We added photographs to our recording. To complete the TV show we used a video camera to to our 'piece to camera.' Mrs.Black allowed us to set up a laptop on parent's evening to showcase our TV show. We also made posters to go on display about each animal. Check these out below!


Spring Term

This term we have been very busy preparing for our end of Year tests. We have worked hard with Mrs.Black, Mrs.Dellow and Mr.Lawless to be the very best we can be. Recently we found out that we have been chosen as a sample school for Science so on the Firiday of SATs week we have 2 Science tests!! On a Friday Mrs.Kyle is helping us revise and look back on all our learning in Science.



It hasn't been all work and no play in Year 6! We were invited to the SafteyWorks Centre in Newcastle to spend the morning with representatives from Washington Community Police, Fire Brigade, Sunderland City Council and St.John's ambulance. We learned ALOT!! We understand the effects of our behaviour on others, how the police can support us, how we can keep ourselves safe on the internet and in the case of a fire AND put someone in the recovery position. All that learning in one morning!


Preparing for Easter

As a Catholic school we enjoy celebrating our faith together and as the oldest members of our school community we often lead important celebrations and Liturgies. Our class led the school and our parish community Ash Wednesday Mass. This included choosing the hymns, doing the readings and prayers. Some girls even did a Litugical Dance at the end of Mass to help people reflect on the meaning of Ash Wednesday. We are currently planning to lead our school and parish community around the Stations of the cross,acting out different parts of the story.

Our Friends of St.Joseph's parent group are planning an Easter Egg Decorating competition at the end of term. We will put photos of our designs and models on here as soon as possible.