Welcome to Year 5

 Hello we are Year 5! We have 29 children in our class and our teacher is Mrs Hampson and Mrs Matters is our teaching assistant. Here is a picture of our lovely classroom!


This term we have done lots of exciting things. As part of our local history project we walked around Washington Village and found out lots of exciting things. Joe from Washington Old Hall helped us by talking about the Old Hall and telling us interesting facts about what the village looked like many years ago.

We had a fantastic visit to the 'F' Pit where Kieth and Joy told us some brilliant facts about mining. We sang a great song about 'Winding Coal.

Back in school we had 2 great visitors Tricia McCelroy and Monica Bottoms who told us some great facts and stories about our local villages. We will be looking out for 'The Highway Man and the Witch!

As part of our 'Animal' week we wrote some great animal cinquains and painted some great paintings of endangered animals. They look great outside our classroom!

We have been singing with Mish Kelly who teaches the Choristers at Durham. We are going to sing at Durham Cathedral on Friday 11th November. We can't wait to show off our angelic voices!



Spring Term

We came back after Christmas with great memories of our fabulous performance at Durham Cathedral.( Not a dry eye was to be seen!) Our beautiful voices were used again by singing in the Galleries and around the village Christmas tree for Mind. Also before we sang at the Cathedral we were involved in an animation workshop when we met author and poet Andy Croft. He worked with us for a whole morning and we would like to share the poem we wrote together about our classroom. If we are lucky it may be published in a book!


The Magic Classroom 


At  night when all the kids have gone away.

The magic classroom comes out to play.

The tap starts to run.

The curtains start to draw.

The doors start to swing.

And the carpet hits the floor.

The globe wears a robe.

The board is never bored.

The clocks change their socks.

The pencils make some stencils.

The pencil cases start running races.

The glue sticks start playing tricks.

The ruler starts to Hula.

The pen makes a den.

The light starts to fight.

The book swings its hook.

The table is instable.

The phone starts to groan.

The candle causes a scandal.

The rubbers dance like clubbers.

The computer mice play with dice.

The tin foil model starts to waddle.

The boxes creep like foxes.

The window plays with Linda.

The biscuit tin starts to grin.

The remote starts to float.

The flowers use their magic powers.

The glass flies in the class.

The packed lunches swap punches.

The wall has a ball.

The chairs dance in pairs.

The ink swims in the sink.

The tray starts to play.

The computer drives around on scooters.

The shelves sing to themselves.


By Year 5 



First day back after Christmas we started our Greek topic. We really enjoyed finding out about them and we produced some great work. We carried on our Greek theme through our literacy. We enjoyed writing about Pandora's Box, the Trojan Horse however we thought that writing about the four labours of Harry Potter was the best!


Ten of our class took part in a young leaders course. They are now using their skills to make lunchtime play more exciting.

In February our class braved the elements and took part in a bikeability course. We all passed!

After Easter we are looking forward to seeing our penpals from St Joseph's Benwell when they come to visit us.