Welcome to Year 5


Hello! We're Year 5! We have 30 children in our class and Mrs.Black is our teacher. Mrs.Matters is our Teaching Assistant working with us and with Mrs.Black.


Autumn Term

In Autumn we studied the local area as part of History and Geography topic. We went to the F-Pit and the Washington Old Hall. Keith Gregson, a local Historian, met us at Washington F-Pit. He gave us a tour of the mine and then taught us some great songs like 'Winding Men' and 'Deep Down in the Mine.' We enjoyed singing so much that Keith came into school to work with us and helped us prepare and perform an assembly for the whole school and our Mams and Dads. We wrote a diary of a Trappy Lad and created a story based on a pit disaster during our Literacy lessons. Andrea, from Washington Heritage, came into school and showed us some old mining artefacts like lamps and helmets.We used chalks, charcoal and pencils to create still-life drawings of miners and the pit.


Spring Term

In Spring we  studied the Ancient Greeks in History and in Literacy. We looked at the city states of Athens and Sparta. We really enjoyed finding out who had the best soldiers in each of the Battles. We read about the Battle of Marathon and created a Newspaper Report on it in our ICT lesson.Our favourite part was reading all the Greek Myths and Legends. We read Pandora's Box and designed the bad and evil creatures that escaped. We used collage, different paper and material, to make our creatures. They look fantastic on display.

Year 5 were also invited to take part in National Bird Box Week. We worked alongside the Rangers from Herrington Country Park to make Bird Boxes out of wood. We made 15 bird boxes and even though it was VERY cold we all really enjoyed it! We passed the bird boxes to our local Scout group, our local church and old people's home so they could be put in their grounds.


Summer Term

WOW! Year 5 started the Summer Term with a Class Trip to the Great North Museum in Newcastle. We took part in an 'Art and the Ancient Greeks' workshop led by Hazel Baron-Cooper. We produced our own drawings of vases, statues and pottery using pastel. Back at school we have used clay to create our own Greek vases and pots. We took care to create the right shape and texture. Our next job is to paint our pottery showing a Greek picture. Watch this space for photographs coming soon.....