Year 4


There are 30 of us. Our teacher is Mrs Dimmick and sometimes we have help from Mrs Fletcher and Mrs Matters.

Autumn Term

During this term in Literacy and History we have looked at what life was like in WWII for children.  We learned about WWII leaders and why children were evacuated from cities. We found out about the Blitz and the Blackout.


Mrs Manning came in to talk to us about her childhood in South Shields and how the house that her family lived in was bombed! She was very lucky because, just that day, her grandma and grandad had taken her with her mam and her sister to their house because they had been very worried about them.  Her dad was away from home, fighting in the war.


We also wrote animal poems for World Animal Day and we made a collage of our animal,with Mrs Kyle.


We are hoping to have a visit to the Durham Light Infantry Museum in Durham before Christmas...