Year 4

Hi! Welcome to Year 4. We work hard and we play hard!Our teacher is Mrs.Dimmick and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs.Fletcher. There are 29 of us altogether, 11 boys and 18 girls.

This is where we learn...

Autumn Term

In year 4 this year we have looked at how the lives of children were affected during the Second World War.  We found out about evacuation and rationing.  We enjoyed writing stories, letters and newspaper reports.


The first part of our Geography was looking at village settlers. We discovered why some invaders came to this country a long time ago; we also worked out why people might move into a new area today. We planned our own village, making sure that everyone had what they needed around them.


On World Book Day we walked into the Galleries and visited the library for a morning session with a visiting illustrator – Paul Hess.  He talked to us about his own books and the importance of saving good ideas to use in his work. It was great fun!


We took part in the Sunderland Skipping Festival.  Seventy seven schools in this area competed in different heats.  Our heat was held at St Robert’s and although we didn’t win the heat, we did win the Skip Dance and everyone had a great time.