Year 3

Welcome to Year 3! We are the first class in Key Stage 2. We are very very lucky in Year 3 because we have two teachers. Mrs.Given and Mrs.Kyle both teach our class and Mrs.Fletcher is our teaching assistant.

This is where we work....


Autumn Term

We are now in Key Stage 2! There is so much to learn and things feel very different.

Our term began with an exciting history topic about the Ancient Egyptains. We were shocked at how many books we had in our library that were full of information telling us about life so very long ago! We studied artefacts that give us clues as to what life was like for Ancient Egyptians. We used Egyptian hieroglphs to make messages and found out about how to make papyrus. Our favourite part was discovering about mummification. Did you know...  one stage of the mummy making process involved putting a hook up through the nose of the dead body and pulling out the brains that were then kept in a special jar to be buried with the mummy. Urghhh... gross!


We had an art week. What a treat...everyday doing art! We studied relationships in portraits and created our own double portrait poses , capturing them on camera and using the photographs to produce a painted portrait. This made a fabulous display and we learned some new art skills and painting techniques. We are excited about doing another art week next term!


We use our creativity a lot through singing, drama, art, dance and design technology. Mrs Naglis helped us make amazing photo frames which we took home. Mrs Naglis left us at the end of autumn term. We were all so sad to see her go but so excited to have Mrs Kyle coming to teach us after the Christmas holiday. Mrs Naglis runs Eco- Club so we are sure we will still see her in and around school from time to time.



After a relaxing Christmas break we jumped straight back into a new year and into a new history project. This time we were studying Invaders and Settlers and our focus was on the Celts and the Romans. We learned how life was like back in Britain 2000years ago as the Roman Empire spread across Europe and invaded Britain. There was a lot of fighting but at last the Romans conquered the battling Celts and settled here. We discovered that some aspects of  life in Britain today can be traced back to the Romans and their ways of living. We were all very interested in this topic and as homework,  we each produced an amazing project. Mrs Given was delighted with our work. She said we are "becoming mature historians." We used pictures, diagrams and writing to produce an information booklet on a specific aspect of Roman living. Some of us went out in the local area at the weekends to discover and see the evidence for ourselves, such as visiting Segedunum and the Roman Wall in Northumberland.


Mrs Kyle took our art topic out of school, in a bus, down the motorway and into Newcastle city centre- to The Laing Art gallery. We were in awe of the beautiful paintings and sculptures on display there. The gallery itself was like a work of art- its huge staircase, its high ceilings, enormous rooms and decorative flooring. We specifically studied sculpture  and created our own clay sculptures to bring back to school. We thoroughly enjoyed the experience and discussed other galleries to visit in our local area- many of which have free entry! We are now full of ideas of places to go in the school holidays!


Easter is nearly here and as we reach the end of term we prepare our  first ever class Mass!

We are looking forward to the summer term....