Website Links

In Year 2 we use the internet to search for facts and information as well as playing games and learning on websites like Mathletics...which we love!

The internet is full of wonderful information but we also know we must keep ourselves safe and only look at websites our parent's and Miss Jones say are ok!


Here are some websites we use:


Mathletics - Could you get Bronze, Silver or even Gold?


Science Games - Do you know the difference between push and pull? Think you can help a plant grow or use electricity safely? BBC Bitesize has lots of fun games to test your science skills.


Katie Morag has taught us about life in the Inner Hebrides and how its different to where we live.  You can even watch Katie Morag on the BBC.


We loved our class book 'Gansta Granny!' Find out about other hilarious books by David Walliams at World of Walliams.


Learn more about the Great Fire of London and Barnaby Bear.