Year 2

Hello and welcome to Year 2!

 We have 30 people in our class and our teacher is called Mrs Lawton. We had Mrs Lawton is Year 1 too, so we know her really well now!

We have been working very hard in Year 2 and Mrs Lawton is amazed at how grown up we are now.

This term we have been learning about "Barnaby Bear." He teaches us about different places around the world and we love finding out where he has been. So far we have learned about London, Ireland and Spain. We have our own class Barnaby Bear and we will all have the chance to take him home with us. We will write in his diary to let the rest of the class know about his adventures.

Every Wednesday we have Art and Music with Mrs Hill. She has helped us produce some fantastic art work and we know lots about the artist Andy Goldsworthy. He is an artist who uses natural materials, like leaves. Watch out for some photos of our artwork coming soon!

Recently, we celebrated "World Animal Day." We chose our favourite animals and wrote riddles about them. We have even entered a riddle competition. We can't wait to see if we have any winners in our class.

Well, that is all for now. Please visit our page again soon.


Spring Term

We have been really busy in Year 2 this term. One of our favourite topics was in history "The Great Fire of London." We loved learning about Samuel Pepys through his diary that he had written. We found out that he saved his parmesan cheese by burying it underground! We wrote some brilliant diary entries and Mrs Lawton even took them home and burned the edges so they looked like they had been in a real fire. Some ladies from Durham University came into school and brought their giant time line which showed us when the great fire happened.

In art with Mrs Hill, we have been designing and making vehicles. We had to think very hard about our designs and make sure that our vehicles had wheels. Our finished models look fantastic. What do you think?

This summer is a very special year for sport, as the 2012 Olympics are taking place in London. Mrs Lawton has ordered some special equipment for our school and we have had a go at some Paralympic Sports. Our favourite has been football for the visually impaired. We wore blind folds and used a ball with a special bell inside so that we could hear it. It was rather tricky, but great fun!

We also love Science in Year 2- especially practical investigations. We have just completed an investigation about ice and found out that when ice melts it changes from a solid into a liquid! We even looked at other liquids and found out that pancake mixture, when heated changes into a solid.

Make sure you visit our page again soon to see what else we have been busy doing in Year 2! Bye for now