Year 2

Welcome to Year 2. Our teacher is Miss.Donkin and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs.Tate.We work really really hard. This is our classroom where we work.


We were all very excited to get back to school to see our friends in September. We started the year with a Geography topic, we love Geography in Year 2. The topic was called 'Around the World'. It was great as it gave us a chance to talk about the different places we had visited over the summer. We also looked at what the weather is like in different places, what clothes we would need and we also looked at places Barnaby Bear had visited.

After half term Year Two looked at a very special topic, it was called 'What are we remembering on Rememberance Day'. We looked at different ways in we remember things from the past, we talked about World War One and Two. We visited the War Memorial in Washington Village, we also had an important job of selling the poppies in school to raise money for the British Legion.

When we came back to school after Christmas we spent a week learning about the Great Fire of London which happened a very long time ago. We found out where and when it started and how long it lasted, it must have been so frightening for the people who lived in London then. We found out about a man who lived at the time called Samuel Pepys, he wrote a diary and he loved cheese so much he buried his favourite cheese in his garden so it wasn't destroyed by the fire! We were all laughing when we found this out!

In March we had a book week and during this week we looked at books about a girl called Katie Morag who lives on an island on the west coast of Scotland. We found out lots of different things about the island and we thought about what it would be like to live on an island. As a class we made an island to put on the wall, we painted water colour pictures, we looked at the buildings and the different characters on the island and drew them, to add on to our island. At the end of the week we all dressed up as characters from books for World Book Day it was great fun.

We have done lots of other things so far in Year Two but these are our favourites. We are sure we are going to be doing lots more fun things as the year continues. You will just have to keep an eye on what, by checking us out!