Year 1

Hello and welcome to Year 1.

This is us!

And this is our classroom!

Autumn Term.

There are 29 of us in Year 1! Our teacher is Mrs Lamond and we found transition into Year 1 very easy because we already knew her from FS.

This term we have all been very busy!! 


In literacy we have been learning the basics.....handwriting, CAPITAL LETTERS and trying very hard to remember our full stops! 

When it was World Animal Day we read the story Rumble in the Jungle and created our own class poem. Each of us wrote a verse and then we had a class vote to decide which verses should be included.

Here is the finished result!

 There’s a rumble in the jungle,

There’s a whisper in the trees,

I saw a monkey being stung by a bee!

 There’s a rumble in the jungle,

There’s a whisper in the trees,

I saw a giraffe eating leaves off the trees!  

There’s a rumble in the jungle,

There’s a whisper in the trees,

I can see a chimpanzee

munching on his fleas! 

There’s a rumble in the jungle,

There’s a whisper in the trees,

I see a Gorilla with a baby on its knee!  

There’s a rumble in the jungle,

There’s a whisper in the trees,

I can see a hippo as happy as can be!

Can you guess which verse was our favourite? 


Our favourite book this term has been Knock Knock Who's There? by Anthony Browne. We liked it so much we wrote and illustrated our own version of the story with Witches, Ghosts, Werewolves, and even a Bouncy Eyeball!

Mrs Lamond thinks we have fantastic imaginations!



In Numeracy we have been counting up to a hundred in 1's and 10's. We have also been learning about 'teen' numbers and 'ty' numbers  - which is quite tricky- but Mrs Lamond has helped us by telling us that when writing 'teen' numbers the 1 likes to live in the 1st house and when writing 'ty' numbers we have to think of our grown-ups drinking Tea with an open mouth like a zero!

We have also been learning and writing addition facts, comparing and measuring lengths, learning the days of the week, and, the months and seasons of the year!



In science we have been learning about Ourselves. We have found out about and labelled our different body parts. Some of us wowed our parents by going home and telling them about where our thigh or abdomen was. They were very impressed!

We have also investigated our senses. We carried out a smell test where we had to smell various containers and describe the smell. Some of us had a very good sense of smell and could guess what the items were such as shampoo, mint and coffee. There was one container none of us liked......onions! YUCK!

We loved carrying out the taste test. We tasted, savoury, salty, sweet and sour food. Can you guess which flavours we liked the best? That's right......the SWEET ones! Mrs Lamond wasn’t surprised at this but was amazed that some of us liked and ate the lemon and lime pieces!


Everything Else!

Every Tuesday we have Music and "Arty Clarty" with Mrs Hill. In Art we have produced our own portraits, and in ICT we created our own name labels to go with them. You can view them in the slide show at the end of this page.

We are very proud of our work!


We have also produced some wonderful R.E work and have been working hard on our P.E skills.

Can you believe that after all of this hard work we have even found time to explore our new classroom and play!!!



Autumn Term 2nd Half


After our very busy start to Year 1 there has still been no time for rest this half term!



In Geography we have been learning about the buildings and the 'human' and 'physical' features in the area around our school.



We have been reading and discussing stories from other cultures and even wrote our own simple version of the Story 'Handa's Surprise' except ours was set in Washington! We also enjoyed writing instructions. Lots of us were very good at using "bossy words", however, our favourite part was when we made jam sandwiches from the instructions we had written. We were even allowed to eat them! Yum, yum, they were delicious!



In Numeracy we have been very busy recognising, describing and using 2d shapes, finding the numbers that are 1 less or 1 more, learning how to count in tens, and we are even beginning to recognise and work with numbers up to 100!



In Science we investigated Light and Dark, which included naming different light sources, sorting them according to our own criteria - this was tricky! - and we had to answer questions linking light and dark to the time/seasons of the year. Mrs Lamond thinks we are very clever!



One of our favourite topics this half term was in History. Can you guess what it was? TOYS! We looked at how our toys are different from those in the past. We were able to sort old toys and new toys, discuss their similarities and differences and we were able to link in our knowledge of different materials and electricity. To enhance our learning Mrs Lamond organised a visit to Washington Old Hall. Whilst we were there we learnt about the history of some old toys, but our favourite part was when we got to play with them! We played with paddlewwacks, birdscarers, cup and balls, hoops and sticks and quiots. Even Mrs Clifford joined in the fun!

 The most popular toy was definitely the hobby horse. Some of us even decided that we would ask Santa for one of these! However, for most of us the Nintendo3DS and Xbox 360 were still top of the list!


Another highlight of our curriculum this term was a visit from the Tyne and Wear Fire and Rescue Service. The firefighters taught us how to stay safe. We learnt never to touch lighters or matches, how to SHOUT! Get out! and Stay Out! and, we were able to demonstrate how to Stop! Drop! and Roll!! However, our favourite part was when the Fire Engine came.


We were shown all the different equipment used to rescue people, and we even got to use the hose! Mrs Lamond thought the firefighters were a little bit naughty because they tried to soak her with the hose. Her trousers got very wet and we thought it was very funny haha!


With all this brilliant work it's hard to believe that we still found time to practice for the Christmas Performance, and make our Christmas Cards. There was even time to squeeze in a Bowling trip for the winners of the House Points. 

Well done Aidan!

I wonder who will win next??????




We all returned to school after our well deserved break eager to find out what surprises and new things we would be learning in 2012!



We continued to investigate the local area around our school. This time we looked at how we travelled to school, and measured who in the class lived the nearest/furthest away. We later used our findings to create a block graph and we were also able to interpret it by answering questions. We looked at jobs in our local area and thought about what job we might like to do when we were older. To enhance our knowledge in this area we went on a field trip to our local Sainsbury's Superstore. Whilst there we found out about all the different types of jobs available, asked the staff questions about their jobs and then we even got to go on the checkout! We all loved this! We scanned items that we had chosen from the different departments and printed our own receipt! Look out for the photographs of us on the notice board next time you are there.

Mrs Lamond said her favourite part was the beautiful writing we produced upon our return!



We have been making lots of cross-curricular links within these subjects. In History we learnt what homes were like a long time ago and in D&T we have linked this to our knowledge of our homes. We can use the correct vocalulary of detached, semi-detached, terraced etc to describe our homes and we have used various materials to make our own 3D model of our home. This is where we linked in our knowledge and work in science and Art which was investigating and using different materials.

In science we have been investigating materials, their properties and their uses. Some of us WOWED! Mrs Lamond by using words such as transparent, opaque and absorbant in our descriptions.

In Art we selected various materials to create our own weavings.

You can view some of this wonderful work in the slideshow at the end.



In Literacy we are still trying very hard with our handwriting, letters and sounds and trying to remember to use capital letters and full stops. We have looked at and compared traditional tales which led to us writing our own version of Chicken Licken. Two of these stories were so fantastic they are now displayed on the schools "Best Work Ever" board! We began to learn about writing a recount and we have alos been investigating the difference between fiction and non fiction. As part of this work we researched our solar system in non-fiction books and on the internet. We found out some fascinating facts which we displayed on poster. Did you know that you would weigh more on Saturn than you do here? We also did lots of research on unusual plants such as the Venus Fly Trap and the Cactus which we used to create our very own Non-fiction book. Our books included a contents page and an index, as well as lots of interesting facts. For instance, did you know that it can take a cactuse 25 years to grow a flower???? We then used some of our fabulous work for a display outside our classroom. Mrs Lamond loves it!  



We have also been very busy developing our Numeracy skills. We have investigated 3D shapes and their features, learnt to tell the time to the hour, and the half hour, and we have been counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. We have also been thinking about Odd and Even numbers, developing our calculation skills by adding by counting on in 10's, and adding/subtracting from a multiple of 10 and we have also begun to partition 2digit numbers into Tens and Units. Mrs Lamond thinks we are brilliant at Maths so she is always trying to trick or challenge us. We really 'knocked her socks off' recently when some of us rose to her challenge and could partition numbers into Hundreds, Tens and Units! AMAZING!!!!!


We are ending the term on a high with Oswald winning the Term House Treat and we are looking forward to celebrating Easter with our families, and maybe having an Easter Egg or TWO?