Year 1

Welcome to Year 1! We are the first class in Key Stage 1. Our teacher is Mrs. Lawton and our Teaching Assistant is Mrs.Tate. We have many different areas in our classroom; a carpet area, a book area and a role play area.

Just look at our classroom...


Hello and welcome to Year 1. We are a very hardworking class and began the year in September with our Science topic "Ourselves." We learned about the 5 Senses and had some fun with some taste and smell tests. We also brought in our baby photos to see how much we have changed. We were a cute bunch of babies!!!

We celebrated "World Food Day" in October and enjoyed some real Polish food. It was very tasty and great to try food from a different country.

The Fire Service came into school to teach us all about fire safety. Some of us got to try on a fire fighters uniform. We produced some wonderful writing all about that special day.

In January we went on a visit to "The Old Hall" in Washington to look at toys from the past. We had been learning about old toys in history so it was really fun to play with some. We loved the hobby horses, but the cup and ball was really hard!!

Even though we are only in Year 1 we are musicians in the making and for the past few weeks have been learning to play the violin. Every Thursday Mr. Trevor comes into school to teach us. We always look forward to our violin lessons!

During "Book Week" we read a great story called "The Lighthouse Keeper's Lunch." It was all about a lighthouse keeper called Mr. Gringling and some pesky seagulls who pinched his lunch. We designed sandwiches with fillings that would put the seagulls off and even made our own lighthouses out of clay. We think they look brilliant!

Before the Easter holidays we made some moving teddy bears as part of our Design Technology. They were rather tricky to do, but we helped each other and they turned out well.

We are now learning about "Homes in the Past" as part of our next History topic, so make sure you come back soon to check out our wonderful work when we are finished.