Welcome to our Foundation Stage Unit where we all work and learn together.

This year we are very lucky to have five grown ups to help us in the Foundation Stage, Mrs Murray, Mrs Thomson, Mrs Hill, Mrs Stephenson and Mrs Fletcher. We have lots of places to play The Sunshine Room', 'The Rainbow Room' and a big outside space.


Foundation Stage 1 (nursery)


Autumn Term

Some of us have just joined the Foundation Stage. We have been very busy settling in and making lots of new friends. We are called 'The Triangles', and most of us are three years old. We just play and play all day! There is so much to do! 

We are learning all of the time. In the Sunshine Room we have a 'Home Corner' and a 'Shop' where we can buy food to cook in our little kitchen.  Mrs Thomson and Mrs Stephenson love us making them cups of coffee and little snacks to keep them going throughout the day. Sometimes we go into the real kitchen and make lovely things to eat. Our iced 'face' biscuits were great fun to make. We decorated them with sweets and took them home to show our families.

It is great fun to play outside on windy autumn days, but we need to remember to dress up warmly and put our wellies on when we go on the grass. We are very lucky to have a nice outdoor grassy area where we run and climb.  It has been great fun flying kites made from plastic carrier bags. Running amongst the colourful leaves as they swirl about is great fun too. Some of us enjoyed collecting leaves and using them to make leaf prints.

Our lovely new reading area is great. It has sparkly curtains, a chair and comfy cushions: just right to share a book with a friend. There a lots of dressing up clothes to choose from, and sometimes we dress up as characters from the stories we have shared. The girls love to dress up as fairies and witches, and the boys in animal costumes or as knights in shining armour. Soon we will be visiting our school library and will be able to borrow books to take home and share with our families.

Mrs Thomson and Mrs Stephenson are very proud of us! They are really pleased with how quickly we have settled in and how good we are getting at tidying up. But don't tell our mams and dads!


Spring Term

Just before Christmas we invited our families into nursery for a special 'Santa's Workshop'. Mams, dads, grandmas and aunties joined us in making some fantastic decorations. Everyone had such an amazing time that we are planning another craft session - an 'Easter Eggstravaganza' - this term.

We came back after Christmas to find that lots of us had been given dinosaurs as presents. So we decided to create a 'Dinosaur World' in the 'small world' area. We made a papier mache volcano and some rocks to make the dinosaurs feel at home. It seemed a good idea to paint pictures of our favourite dinosaurs to make a display for everyone to see. Mrs Thomson thought that we were very clever knowing their names, and that some were meat eaters and others with long necks were plant eaters.

This is the Chinese Year of the Dragon. We celebrated in nursery by trying some typical Chinese foods. We had fun trying to use chop sticks to pick up noodles too! It was very tricky. It was also fun doing the dragon dance to Chinese music. We made our own paper dragons to take home. Mrs Stephenson was very proud of our colouring and cutting skills.

On Pancake Day, guess what we made? We chose our favourite toppings. They were delicious. It was a great day, especially when the fire alarm went off and the fire engine came!

We are learning to read stories just by looking at the pictures. One of our favourites is 'Brown Bear, Brown Bear'. We know just what to say. 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears', The 'Three Little Pigs' and 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff' are some of the other stories we have shared. These stories have helped us learn about numbers and counting. We made collage numbers to take home to remind us what the numbers look like.

Now Spring is here we have been looking for signs of new life. Trees are beginning to bud, birds are busy making nests and spring bulbs are flowering. We are very lucky to have been given some frog spawn, which has quickly developed into tadpoles. It is very exciting watching them change into frogs. We will soon be looking for homes. Please lets us know if you are interested.


Autumn Term FS2

What a busy half term! We have all settled brilliantly into a new school year and go home very tired each night. Having to stay at school all day and learn so many new routines has been hard work, but our teachers think we have done a fabulous job. We still get to play in some of our favourite places like the Sunshine Room and outside, which is brilliant, and work with Mrs Thomson and Mrs Stephenson, and we have met some great new friends. Our teachers think we are really clever because we have been learning our letter sounds at school and at home, and we know loads! We need to learn the letter names as well but I'm sure our mams and dads will help.

Our first topic was all about Homes. We had great fun playing in the Three Bears' house and made lots of delicious porridge. We drew pictures of our own homes and our families.

When Autumn came and the leaves started to fall off the trees, our teachers thought it would be a great idea to go exploring in Glebe Park. WOW! You should have seen the beautiful colours of the leaves! They were red, orange, yellow, brown. We even found juicy blackberries and red berries, but they were only for the birds. Some children thought they saw a bear hiding behind a tree but when we went to have a closer look .... nothing! Was it there or not? We will never know.

On our way back we decided to have a play in the park. It was very safe and there wasn't too much rubbish about. We had a great time playing on all the equipment with our friends. It was nice to get out of school and explore.


When we got back we decided to make our own 'Bug Station'. A small group of children gathered soil, stones, logs, sticks, leaves and everything a bug would need to have a nice home. Some of the girls are champion bug spottere. They can spot ladybirds, spiders, centipedes and worms from a mile away.

Did you know a witch came to visit us? She left us a letter all about herself and told us how to make spells. We put some spells on Mrs Murray and Mrs Hill. They were jumping around like frogs and rabbits all morning! They did look funny. By half term we were ready for a rest.

Our first week back is a very busy but exciting week. We are celebrating Halloween, Divali and Bonfire Night. I am sure we will make some beautiful firework pictures and scary masks.    


What are we doing in Maths? Well, we are quite good at recognising our numbers to 10 but we need to learn how to write them. Our teachers are going to show us the proper way so that we can write them all by ourselves. We have been finding out about 2D shapes and some of us can even count sides and corners! See how fast we are learning! 

Very soon it will be the Christmas play and we can't wait to start learning the new songs. Here's a little hint - there's a song about cheeses and one about Jesus. Cheeses and Jesus rhymes you know. No more clues, you will have to come and see it. Check the newsletter for dates. The next time you look at our page you will see some of our work. See you then.  


Spring Term

Wow! What a fantastic Christmas play! Brilliant acting, brilliant costumes and ..... yes, brilliant singing. Our teachers were very proud of us and so were our grown ups. It was worth all the hard work. We asked our grown ups if they were ever in a Christmas play. One mam even sent us a photograph of when she was in her school nativity play - she looked brilliant.

Celebrations: After Christmas we decided to bring some photos of other special celebrations we have had in our lives. Birthdays were very popular, so were holidays and weddings. We love a good party!

Toys: After looking at all the lovely toys Santa brought us, we thought it would be good to find out more about them. How are they made? How do they work? What are they made of? We sorted toys into different groups and even made a toy shop. We were great at counting pennies. We asked our grown ups about their favourite childhood toys. These were some of the answers - Cindy, Action man, Ladybird pushchairs, Super Ted, Star Wars  and lots more. It's great  finding out about our mams and dads.

The Old Hall: To find out about really old toys we went on a class visit to the Old Hall. The toys in that beautiful old house were made of wood and very hard to master.  We were allowed to play with all of them and some had very funny names like 'paddle whack'. The children in the old days must have had very good co-ordination because it was very hard to get the hoop on the stick. Even our teachers found it hard!

Chinese New Year: We had a great time dressing up, eating delicious Chinese food, singing and dancing to special dragon music and scaring our teachers outdoors with our huge human dragon. It was a lovely celebration. celebrating Chinese New year

Pancake Tuesday: Another day to celebrate! We made pancakes, tossed pancakes, raced with pancakes and ate pancakes. What a fabulous day!

The Green Library: We love books in reception, and in particular books about knights, princesses, witches, and traditional tales. A castle seemed the best place to act out all these great stories, so we decided to build one in our class. Mrs Murray and Mrs Hill were poisoned by wild flowers and had terrible spells put on them. Just as well it's all pretend! We decided the best place to see lots of good books was our local library, so we went on a visit. The librarians were fantastic, and read us some fabulous stories about animals. We even had juice and biscuits!

Investigating: We love finding out how things work and had great fun experimenting with flying discs and reflective materials. If you look through one of the magnifying sheets you can turn yourself into a troll! The photographs we took were hilarious.  We looked at how materials change and giggled with delight when we saw popcorn popping before our eyes.

Maths: Reception love to solve problems and have been trying to compare quantities, calculate, recognise and name 3D shapes and recognise numbers beyond 10. We are really good at recognising teen numbers and are starting to order them.

One of the best things about the Spring Term is that we are starting to read and write. Mrs Murray and Mrs Hill love writing and give us lots of house points every time we do different kinds of writing. We are trying to make lists, letters, notes, menus - anything!

It is our coffee Morning for the grown ups on Thursday. We are sure they will enjoy it.