Welcome to our Foundation Stage Unit where we all work and learn together.

We are very lucky here in the Foundation Stage. We have four special people to help us play, work and learn: Mrs.Murray, Mrs.Thomson, Mrs.Hill and Mrs. Stephenson. We are also able to play and learn in many different rooms and areas. We have a Rainbow Room, a Sunshine Room and an outdoor area.

This is our outdoor writing area!

Autumn Term


We have all settled in brilliantly and had a fabulous term! Our first topic was called, 'All about me'. We learned about our bodies and how to use them, explored our senses and had lots of fun tasting delicious foods from around the world.

As part of our RE curriculum we visited our church - Our Lady Immaculate or Our Lady's to us, and spent some time with Father Mark. He told us all about Baptism and even baptised one of our dolls John!

When we talked about where we lived and our own homes we became fascinated by buildings, and decided to make models of our own houses. They were fabulous.

After reading a story called 'Handa's Surprise' we painted pictures of African animals, made animal masks and danced to African music.Tropical fruits are de-lic-ious!

Autumn brought colour and changes in the weather. We had fun making kites and watching them blow in the wind, we explored the changing colour and texture of leaves. It even snowed in November and we made the best snowmen in Washington!

Mrs Lamond had a baby boy in November and brought him in to see us. We were very pleased to see her. We missed her.

Divali was celebrated in November and we were keen to find out more about the festival. We dressed up in special clothes, drew mehndi and rangoli patterns, made divali divas and had a great time. 

As Christmas neared and letters needed to be written, lists needed to be made and parcels needed to be wrapped, the Post Office was in full swing. It was not long before we performed the Christmas play 'Donkey for Sale' in front of a fabulous audience. We in the Nursery made our singing debut in front of a large but friendly crowd - scary but fun.

We took turns in taking home the 'Travelling Crib'. It was great to take the Christmas Story home to share with our families.

We were all ready for a long rest and to spend time with our families, celebrating Christmas. Happy birthday baby Jesus!

Spring Term

Wow! What a fabulous Christmas. Santa came and was very kind; we got lots of different toys. We decided it would be good to find out more about toys - what they were made of and how they worked. We even made toys of our own! Guess what? The Old Hall in Washington Village has some really, really old toys like: spinning tops, hoopla, ball and cup and hobby horses. Some of us decided a toy shop would be a great idea so we built one in the Rainbow Room.

The rest of us thought a castle would be a great idea because we loved hearing different stories and in particular 'Fairy Stories'. We dressed up as knights and saved princesses from the fearsome dragons.  We used construction to build our own forts with enormous towers.

Our love of stories continued but this time 'The Three Billy Goat's Gruff' and 'The Gingerbread Man' grabbed our attention. We baked, built bridges outdoors and re-enacted both stories. There were some terrible trolls under the bridges with loud, angry voices ... if you dared to cross! Run, run, as fast as you can .... , could be heard as you entered our Sunshine Room because we knew the words so well.

"Gung Hay Fat Choi" or should I say "Happy New Year!" In February we celebrated Chinese New Year and experienced some of the Chinese culture. We dressed up in traditional costumes, ate delicious Chinese food, practised writing in the Chinese style and danced to Chinese music with our hand-made lion masks.

We had some great visitors to school to tell us about their jobs. The 'Expo Chef' taught us how to cook, 'Mark the fire-fighter' taught us how to keep safe, 'Mrs Brown' told us all about being a nurse and 'Mrs Kelly' came to share one of her favourite stories with us - THE GRUFFOLO! 

Throughout the year we have enjoyed cooking with Joan and Mrs Stephenson and had great fun tossing pancakes on Shrove Tuesday. We even had a pancake race outside!

Mrs Hill and Mrs Stephenson always have great ideas for creative work and help us to develop our own. We have designed and made some super things. Did you like your Mothers' Day cards and daffodils?

With Spring comes New Life and we have been looking outdoors for signs: buds on trees, birds building nests, bulbs flowering and more. You wouldn't believe what we found crawling among the soil - mini beasts!

We are all looking forward to Easter and have been finding out about the Easter Story. We have even acted out the 'Saddest' and 'Happiest' days outdoors. We can't wait to wake up on Easter Sunday and eat all our chocolate eggs.

Here at St.Joseph's we know how to make you better!