Japan and Nissan 


On Monday 1st June we finished our Japan and Nissan  topic with a trip to the Monozukuri Caravan at the Nissan Factory. There we were able to build our own Lego cars, work as a team on a production line to create the Nissan Buddy in the fastest time, visit the Global Training Centre and practise the skills needed to work effeciently in the factory. What a great day we had!

We started our topic by researching lots of different aspects of Japan. We located Japan on a world map and looked at the cost to fly to Japan from Newcastle and any changes that we would have to make. We read a Folk Legend called The Mouse's Marraige where we met Mr Sun, Mr Wind and Mr Wall and we created a story boards for the tale. We researched the capital city of Japan, Tokyo, and created a factfile on this huge city.

We entered Nissan's competition to create a logo for the Monozukuri Caravan, we are all really looking forward to seeing the caravan on our Nissan visit. We created our own car for a specific person such as famous footballers or Simon Cowell and added extravagant features to make the car unique to them.


We looked at Japanese clothing and we tried on kimonos and eboshis to explore the Japanese culture.

We tried to make lots of different origami. We startred with making a penguin and Ben and Alicia finished in 3 minutes! We then moved onto trying to make a butterfly and a samurai hat, we found the hat the most difficult. We loved making the origami and we are very good at it.

To give us an insight in what Japanese people eat, we tried a soy sauce noddle recipe and a honey and seaseme seed cake. We didn't really enjoy the noddles but the cake was delicious!