Frozen Kingdom

Welcome to our Year 6 Frozen Kingdom....

As part of our memorable experience to start our topic we looked at icebergs! We placed them in very cold water and observed them over time. We used the iPads to capture any changes in our icebergs. We noticed as they melted, they changed shape, with the ice submerged in water melting faster. Mrs.Black added salt to mimic the salty sea water our icebergs would be in. This speeded up the melting process. Josh remembered that salt was put on our yard to melt the snow so it must have special properties and be know for speeding up the melting process.


As part of our lesson we looked at how blubber keeps animals who live in the cold Antarctic and the Arctic waters warm. To test this we timed how long we could keep our hands in icy cold water then we covered our hands in lard and repeated the experiment. We were able to keep our lardy hands in longer, we concluded that the lard acted as an insulator.