Welcome to Y4!

We had great fun with "Potions." We wondered about the bottle in Alice in Wonderland and wrote safety instructions for it. We looked at Romeo and Juliet and changed the ending. We read the spell in Macbeth and then wrote our own spell. After that we worked together to perform our spells around the cauldron.

We also looked at solids and liquids and found out what happens when you mix some some solids with different liquids.

Finally we had our very own Potions Day where we carefully mixed our solids and liquids together. Have a peep at our photos.



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Tag Rugby

The tournament organised by Newcastle Falcons was a great afternoon. We had three Tag Rugby teams and everyone played really well.

One of our teams reached the final and everyone was very excited.

This was our first attempt at Tag Rugby and we think taking part in the tournament was a great achievement. Well done everyone!





We went to St. Robert's on 10th November to take part in an inter schools competition. We had three Handball teams and everyone did their very b est.

We were extremely happy to have two teams in the semi-final, unfortunately they had to play each other! The winning team went on to play in the final and they won.

We ended up with gold medals for the winning team and bronze medals for third place. We know that we did so well because all of our teams helped and supported each other during training - well done everyone. 



We are going to use some of our photos from our visit to the Durham Light Infantry museum in our Christmas cards. We will upload others later...


This half term our mini topic is The Great War and our creative curriculum area is 1066.

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